Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two more grandbabies joined us since our family picture above!

Larry and I with our son Adam and his two sons, Jackson (2 years old) and Drew (2 months). They live all the way in Kentucky :( I love them!
Me with my grandbabies!
With Jackson and some snow in the background.

Daughter Julie, her husband David, and their baby Jacob
Here's Jacob smiling! (3 months)

Larry and I are blessed with 3 cute little grandsons. Jackson and Drew Reynolds live in Kentucky with their parents: Adam and Jennilyn. Jacob lives in California with his parents, David and Julie. We love our little boys!


  1. Yea! You have such a wonderful and GROWING family Wendy! It's fun to see everyone :) Heidi Lamb

  2. Umm, I need to send you some cuter pictures of jacob! lol. what was that?? I'm glad you are a blogger now, love the pics of the kentucky boys!! :)