Thursday, April 8, 2010

Provo: where Lauren bleeds Cougar blue, and I just freeze

Larry had to get back to Maryland, so Lauren and I put him on a plane early Monday morning and headed down to Provo. She lives at Liberty Square apartments with 3 amazing roommates. There are suppose to be 6 roomies, but since there are only 4 girls, I got the extra room, lucky me! First stop: grocery store for some milk. $97 later (yes that was very expensive milk) we went to meet up with friends and family from home for dinner. Chris Horn and his sisters made yummy pork tacos with homemade tortillas. It was so fun to see Cameron Chubbuck (David's brother) play with little man, Jacob his new nephew!

Uncle Cameron and baby Jacob
Emily and Chris making the tortillas Jacob promptly threw up on Cameron after this picture
Uncle Cameron and Aunt Lauren

David pointing out his mission to Australia to Jacob

This is Adam's former mission companion, Mateus Costa. He is from Brazil and is going to BYU. He plays on the BYU soccer team. He and Adam have remained close and we like to keep tabs on him too. He has a sweet wife, Adriana and a new baby Noah!
No trip would be complete without a "baby Shenanignas" lunch out! We went to Cafe Rio and I enjoyed every moment with our hometown family.
Stacie Seymour Vaughn, Lauren Reynolds, Cameron Chubbuck and Kenny Seymour


In front of their WALL of pictures!

Out with the girls (Lauren is on the left)
Lauren and I put together packages for her 2 best buddies, Spencer and Matt. They are in Ecuador and Guatemala. Spencer's dad told us to put Virgin Mary stickers all over them and write "missionary supplies" with lots of crosses, so no one would feel the urge to open them and steal from them. Lauren did a great job of tricking their postal workers into thinking that there is NOT peanut butter, ties and candy in those boxes!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Utah, snow, family and more snow!

I am writing this post from Lauren's BYU apartment in Provo Utah. We came up to Utah to see family and go to Conference. Larry flew in from Maryland where he has been working for 3 months, I flew in from the OC and Lauren drove up from BYU and we met for a little mini family gathering at Robyn and Alan's house in North Salt Lake. It is SO cold up here and has snowed each day that I have been here. I called Lauren before I came and asked her what the weather was like. I should have checked the weather channel, what was I thinking? Have you seen the way the students dress here? She said, "It's nice, I am in flip flops and a t-shirt!" so I packed my flip flops and trust me I have not taken them out ONCE! We both had to borrow warm coats from my sister Robyn so we wouldn't freeze to death! We went to the Sat AM session of conference and sat in the front row of the balcony and heard great speakers, listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and enjoyed our very first time going to General Conference. We had a nice visit with Alan, Robyn, Trevor, Blake and Leanne.

Me, Larry and Lauren in front of the conference center in my sister Robyn's coats!
Looking out over the people below (I don't think I was suppose to take this)

Front row of the balcony

After conference we said goodbye to the Wilsons, and met up with Julie, David and baby Jacob up in Brigham City.

Robyn and Alan (my sister) with kids on their front porch

In Brigham City, we got to see lots of "Reynolds" as we celebrated Grandpa Reynolds 80th birthday, attended a bridal shower for Holly (John's fiance'), watched conference together, and had a wonderful Easter dinner at Ann and Ross's new home. It always feels so homey and cozy to be with my in-laws, Keith and Joyce Reynolds. They are both 80 now and I am amazed at how they just keep on taking care of all of us!
Cousin Wesley
Mary Lou, Dave, Ross and Ruth Ann

Courtney and Matt (Ruth Ann's oldest daughter)

Brett, Lauren, Julie and Jacob

Grandpa Reynolds (Larry's dad) reading his birthday cards

Singing to Grandpa
Holly (soon to be John's wife), John, April, Jordan, Terry

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two more grandbabies joined us since our family picture above!

Larry and I with our son Adam and his two sons, Jackson (2 years old) and Drew (2 months). They live all the way in Kentucky :( I love them!
Me with my grandbabies!
With Jackson and some snow in the background.

Daughter Julie, her husband David, and their baby Jacob
Here's Jacob smiling! (3 months)

Larry and I are blessed with 3 cute little grandsons. Jackson and Drew Reynolds live in Kentucky with their parents: Adam and Jennilyn. Jacob lives in California with his parents, David and Julie. We love our little boys!

I am a "BLOGGER" Now! (I think....)

My two favorite things in the world are pictures and words! What better way to combine the two then to create a blog! Lauren started her own blog yesterday (and Adam, Josh and Julie already have blogs) so, not to be outdone, Julie helped me tonight to set one up! Thanks Julie!